Organic/Natural SEO Packages

Organic SEO simply means implying various techniques that make search engines consider your website as important for the readers naturally. In laymen's term it being a good baby and following the guidelines of the search Engines.

When you follow the rules set by the search engines your website rankings remain quite stable. This means that if you get into the top 10 or top 30 rankings, you will stay there for a long time. When it comes to SEO it is important to think about the long term, since search engines alter their algorithms pretty frequently. If your website has been a good baby and followed the house rules your rankings won't go down. However, the changes become quite inevitable at times.

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The SEO Agent's Specials Lead Generation Programs

The Seo Agent's Special is a combo of Organic SEO+SEM+SMM. Our marketing team will bring out the most desirable features of your Business and make them work for you at optimum level. And You will see how you stand tall against your peers and we make sure you are everyone's best friend.

Internet Marketing can be both extremely complex and extremely easy to explain. We can go either way, try to explain it as whole nine yard education tour(read SEO, SEM and SMM separately) or we can conclude by saying "We generate real Business leads" In simple words we bring ready made clients to your Business.

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Your Goals Packages

The SEO Agent campaigns are designed to give you value for money while you focus on your core ...

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Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M) Packages

Search engine marketing is an umbrella term for a number of paid and free marketing techniques aimed at getting your website on the top 20 results on Google search. Most common examples of SEM techniques include:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Cost per click
  3. Pay per visit

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Social Media Marketing (S.M.M) Packages

Social Media sounds like a newest buzzword in the world of web marketing. It is however a powerful way of marketing and creating awareness about your business quickly. With traditional SEO, you update content so that it can be found by search engines, and you slowly build links to your website, improving rankings gradually.

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Analytics Packages

You use a combination of marketing techniques for your business, which includes placing ads on the internet, in newspapers, in various magazines, on the radio, and much more. How do you know which of these media generates the most business for you?

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Online Branding Packages

Online branding serves pretty much the same purpose as traditional branding exercises did for companies. Good branding lends credibility to your business, garners people's trust, give your website greater incoming traffic and gives your products and services greater exposure. The SEO Agent helps you build your online branding by setting a strong foundation.

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