Crossover Bollywood Se

Crossover Bollywood Sé is the creative brainchild of Vancouver-based entreprenuer and designer Raanee Khaira. It's a new and unique retail concept brought to international markets from the world's largest film industry, Bollywood in India.

Crossover Bollywood Sé

Crossover Bollywood Sé is the creative brainchild of Vancouver-based entreprenuer and designer Raanee Khaira. It's a new and unique retail concept brought to international markets from the world's largest film industry, Bollywood in India. Bollywood heart-throb Suniel Shetty represents the Crossover Bollywood Sé brand acting as the official brand ambassedor for the company. Combining the appeal that Indian films and Indian fashion have with large audiences all over the world, Crossover Bollywood Sé offers exclusive Bollywood inspired clothing from the top Bollywood and mainstream Indian designers.

Some featured designers are Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Shymal & Bhumika to name just a few, and our very own Raanee Khaira. All these and more Indian designers come together at Crossover Bollywood Sé to retail a special line of pret, diffusion, couture and bridal wear for men and women. Fashion is inspired by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood at Crossover Bollywood Sé, which is accessible to the descerning audiences of all cities across the world. Crossover Bollywood Sé spells wearable fashion, affordable style and a nostalgic connection to the memories of India.

Raanee Khaira

A business woman of today, breaking the Indian norms and breaking onto the fashion scene armed with extensive experience in varying industries, ranging from banking to automotive and ultimately to fashion. From a young age, alongside her business experience Raanee has been designing and customizing outfits for herself, her siblings and friends. Her passion eventually catapulted her into the fashion industry thus creating Crossover Bollywood Sé.

Raanee brings to the table an array of skills and experience that has essentially created the Crossover Bollywood Sé concept, a platform where east meets west introducing the charm of Bollywood and infusing this very essence into the concept that makes Crossover Bollywood Sé what it is today, a showcase of individual expression and style. The visibility of her skills manifest in her personalized designs and her confidence in launching and franchising out Crossover Bollywood Sé. Raanee's eye for sourcing exotic collections from well known designers and design houses from various corners of India has been well noted amongst her many loyal customers as well as featuring her own label.

Raanee's vision is to combine the beauty of Indian Art with the beauty of being a woman. Creating a portrait of self expression for the woman of today. This same vision echoes through Crossover Bollywood Sé's stores, featuring exclusive and unique designs with a commitment placed on providing the highest quality in customer service and customer experiences. Raanee is a promising entrepreneur behind the Crossover label.

Suniel Shetty

Suniel Shetty is a successful Bollywood Star and businessman with an active lifestyle between family, shooting, dubbing, script reading, travelling, interviews, press conference, photo shoots, exercising, as the list goes on. He still finds time to engage in his love of Bollywood fashion. Suniel sees Crossover Bollywood Sé as the perfect opportunity to offer the world a unique combination of what did not earlier exist "Bollywood Fashion". He also feels that Raanee understands fashion and has hands-on experience of the business; combined with her business skills; enthusiasm and ideas are the ingredients for the making of a successful business venture.

Crossover Bollywood Sé was created on the concept of bringing original Bollywood inspired clothing to the world and a destination for shoppers looking for exclusive, clothing from Bollywood designers and luxury Indian fashion accessories. Suniel as the brand ambassador personalizes his business by staying active in the promotions and marketing of Crossover Bollywood Sé.

These two powerhouses have come together and established teams of highly qualified professionals based out of India and Canada, who excel and are perfectionists in sales & marketing, fashion design and manufacturing, all of whom are dedicated to growing and furthering the Crossover Bollywood Sé vision.


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From the inception, an idea as big as Crossover Bollywood Sé has required equally strong marketing and hype in the media to catapult it to the next level, the group therefore has made considerable investments; millions have been spent in creating the buzz around the brand, Crossover Bollywood Sé. The company lays a lot of stress on its branding and marketing strategy. All content & design of all marketing, advertising and promotional co-lateral is provided by our competent marketing team.

Our Marketing team actively works to promote the brand throught a campaign of effective communication and an exhaustive marketing plan. The key to our success in creating a buzz around our name is through our effective brand promotion. Our aggressive advertising campaigns have elevated the stature of Crossover Bollywood Sé as the leaders in the Bespoke Indian fashion Industry.

Our marketing and advertising campaign includes special features such as inviting guest designers with their collection on a season by season basis, celebrity appearances at grand openings and fashion weeks.

In 2009, we have successfully conducted runway shows with a fantastic response to our collections featured in the BC Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Virsa Annual Fundraiser Show and our own fashion show in Toronto. We have been featured on TV and Radio with multiple interviews and features on Crossover Bollywood Sé such as: Rich Bride / Poor Bride, Opening Soon: By Design on HGTV, Red FM, Woman in Focus, and many more. Our garments have also been featured in drama productions and films such as the Bollywood Wedding and short films such as Commitment featured in Vancouver, Toronto and US film festivals.

Our brand is not only talked about and loved by the Indian media but also the Western media, having had stories featured on numerous occasions in major newspapers, magazines and TV programs.

The Crossover Bollywood Sé Franchise

Our exclusive features include strategies and points that set us apart from the rest of the South Asian Fashion Industry such as:

Sale - High sales volume backed by an exhaustive variety of aggressive marketing as well as offering very competitive pricing with unmatched quality.

Product Range - The widest range from mainstream Bollywood designers and in-house labels under one roof, Crossover Bollywood Sé houses apparels for both men and women from Prét to bridal couture.

Suppliers - Strong and reliable supplier base that offers best quality at most attractive prices.

Customization - Customized tailoring, makeovers, designer tips and styling sets our brand apart from the rest.

Unique Concept - Our distinctly unique concept of bringing together India's top designer labels under one roof give us our competitive edge where we feature only original designs and do not believe in knock offs.

Exclusivity - Our collaboration with our designers gives us access to exclusive rights to particular ranges that are only available to Crossover Bollywood Sé.

Marketing & Promotion - An exhaustive calendar of ongoing events and promotion with Bollywood stars, designers, press releases, fashion weeks and events will definitely not go unnoticed.

Bollywood - Based on the power, passion and pull of Bollywood, this fact will be impossible to ignore.

Business Model - We have established a sound business model with a healthy return on investment as per international retailing benchmarks.

Pricing - We have established a range of merchandise that appeals to all sectors of the market with price points ranging from mid to bridal couture.

The Success of Crossover Bollywood Sé is a relult of the support available and the quality of people it attracts, their hard work and initiative. Our support is all encompassing, with comprehensive training and effective on-going support in all aspects of retail management and operations.

Crossover Bollywood Sé is looking for enterprising individuals to broaden its existing network across Canada and the United States. Beginning with the openings of Calgary and Surrey, we envision Toronto and Los Angeles to be opened by the end of 2010. Now is the right time to take this fantastic opportunity to become a part of the growing South Asian Fashion scence.

By partnering with a brand that is trusted and recognized for quality, leading designers with a strong backbone to support our network of stores, the possibilities are endless.

If you wish to join in the success of Crossover Bollywood Sé and create fashion history, contact us at for further information.


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